New mini games(pc and mac)

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New mini games(pc and mac)

Post by AtommikPenguin on Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:54 pm

Iv'e found a few new mini games that look Great fun along side the fact that PS3 has finally got mini games.
I don't know any server names.

DESTRUCTIVE WORMS!                                                                        

This looks great fun and great great great for satisfying your destructive needs.


**** (four stars) 


This is the best server for block party ever.

For more on this here is the squid nugget and his good friend ashdubh

With the point that it is seriously irritating and annoying, block party is good fun. especially when you give the opposite guy a nice big nudge. What a Face


*** (Three stars) 

Zombie siege!

Probably the best minecraft redstone mini game ever! enjoy!

So basically, if it was creeper siege that would be much better.

everybody hates creepers!

star rating:

***** (five stars).

So far there is only one PS3 mini game so that isn't worth showing.

Oh fine.

I'm not going to do a star rating.



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